CalNet deputies list

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Deputies for the entire campus community—faculty, staff, students, affiliates

Cal 1 Card Office 180A C Chavez Ctr, Lower Sproul, M-F 9-4:30

Deputies by department

Admissions & Rel with Schs Serrano, Ralph A
Admissions & Rel with Schs PENDO, Susan
Admissions & Rel with Schs Bertagnole, Stephanie L
Archaeological Res Facility WYRICK, Tomeko
Architectr Platform Integratn Broshious, Jon L
Architectr Platform Integratn VAUGHN, Jim
Architectr Platform Integratn KHAN, Riff
Architectr Platform Integratn Silva, Rob
Architectr Platform Integratn Gross, Ben
Architectr Platform Integratn ROSSI, Bernie
Architectr Platform Integratn CHEUNG, Stan
Art History McChesney-Young, John
Art Mus & Pacific Film Archive SANCHEZ, Orlando Antonio
Art Practice LEVISTER, Dolores P.
Art Practice WHITTLE-CIPRAZO, Toni
Art Practice Lewis, Robert
Astronomy BOYD, William T.
Audit & Advisory Services OLSON, Cheryl
B Bain Research Group Edgelow, Gillian D.
Berkeley International Office Chao, Kevin
Berkeley International Office May, Dan
Berkeley Language Ctr Garcia, Orlando
Bioengineering WILLIAMS, Mona
Biosciences Divisional Srvcs Paul, Matt
Biosciences Divisional Srvcs DUNCAN, Barbara J.
C and D Operations FONGPEDRO, Maria
CASMA Lichtenstein, Nancy
CEP Administration Robinson, Rhonda L.
CNR Office of the Dean Casterline, Gary L
COENG Eng Student Services BARRETT, Kathleen A.
CSS Research Support Org Monino, Gustavo W.
CSS Research Support Org Sitea, Carol
Cal Inst for Energy & Environ Lee, Eric C
Cal Performances Whitney, Shan Kang
Cal Performances HATCH, Judith
Cal Performances Kraus, Andrew
Cancer Research Lab YEE, Dihui Judith
Center Studies in Higher Ed Griffith, Meg A
Center Studies in Higher Ed Baltodano, Diana
Civil & Environ Engineer Beil, Noah
Civil & Environ Engineer Lee, Yoon Hi
Col of Engin Dean's Office Teverbaugh, Jennifer
College Writing Programs Kato, Natalie
Comp Lit & French Admin DOLCINI, Carol
Demography Murphy, David
Dept of Chemical E Eagan, Jamie
Dept of Social Welfare BOYSON, Sherman
Dept of Social Welfare JACQUET, Susan E
Development Office CHAN, Keith
Development Office Rodebush, Karla M.
Development Office Lee, Harold L.
Development Office Obernesser, Tom B
Development Office DEMPSEY, Tina B
Development Office Baxter, Ron
Development Office Stewart, Rachel Merkhofer
Development Office Blattel, Nancy Brigham
Development Office JOHNSON, Harriet
Development Office Juster, Eric
Development Office MENDOZA, Javier
EECS Dept Operations Mason, Drew
EECS Dept Operations Crowley, Magdalene L.
EECS Dept Operations Kraitchman, Mark
EECS Dept Operations MULLALLY, Kevin M.
EECS Dept Operations Rohrbach, Lars
EECS Dept Operations Pardoe, Jan
ETS EducTechnology Crumpler, Jon A
ETS EducTechnology Sattler, Nicole M
ETS EducTechnology Felder, Jonathan
ETS EducTechnology Chan, Nga Y
ETS EducTechnology FAIRCLOTH, Timothy P.
Earth & Planetary Science WINN, Margie
East Asian Languages & Cult PADILLA, Veronica
Economics FERNANDEZ, Camille Naranjo
Economics SIBOL, Joseph A.
English Holland, Jennifer
Enterprise Application Service JAMES, Charles E.
Enterprise Data Services Kendall, Frances
Enterprise Data Services Reinman, Sondra
Envir Design Dean's Off DOWNEY, Debra
Environment, Health & Safety REINMAN, Cheryl Ann
Environment, Health & Safety VALENCIA, Alma J.
Environment, Health & Safety Seltzer, Guy
FVAUX ASUC Student Union Jittrikawiphol, Robert
Faculty Equity & WelfareRetOfc Joga, Anusha
Finance Immediate Office Kamau-Kirika, A.A.S, Latina P
GSPP Department Ops Hancock, Merle A
GSPP Department Ops Shevtchenko, Sergey
German Span & Port Admin JONES, Catherine D.
Global Engagement OfC_GEO Canzonieri, Monica
Graduate Division Ops GALVEZ, M. Beatriz
Graduate Division Ops Dobry, Judy
Haas Core Programs Wells, Jennifer A
Haas Core Programs GAJEK, Malgosia (Maggie) K
Haas Core Programs Ha, Sam
Haas Core Programs Ricksen, Rebecca S.
Haas Core Programs de la Rosa, Kristen
Haas Core Programs Stuckey, David
Haas Core Programs Twelves, Karen
Housing & Dining Services Colbert, Chantelle Caprice
Housing & Dining Services Lopez, Alejandra
Housing & Dining Services Brooks, Myya Denise
Housing & Dining Services Alcala, Yvette
Housing & Dining Services JIANG, JERRY
Housing & Dining Services LEE, Shannon
Housing & Dining Services Olson, Chris
Housing & Dining Services Garcia, Jennifer
Housing & Dining Services Martinez, Jorge Gabriel
Housing & Dining Services Haskins, Pamela V.
Industrial Eng & Ops Res Sparks, Jay
Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office Preabt, Heather Marie
Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office Scanlan, Summer S
Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office Carlson, Craig
Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office Ong, Veronica
Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office Rosenberg, Jeremy
Info Svcs & Tech Imm Office Mugler, Mimi D
Inst East Asian Studies HALPERIN, Rochelle, III
Inst East Asian Studies Cho, Dianne-Enpa
Inst of Human Development Branum, Lisa
Inst of Industrial Relations HIRAMOTO, Robert Tadao
Intercollegiate Athletics Glaessner, Patrick
International House Doyle, William
International House FERRIS, Laurie A.
International House Turner, Neil
Italian Scan & Slavic Admin BROSNAN, Katherine
Italian Scan & Slavic Admin VanVleet, Moriah
L&S Deans' Office Novogrodsky, Seth
L&S Deans' Office Naughton, Frank
L&S Undergraduate Advising NAKABAYASHI, Daisuke
Law Young, Alice G
Law BUZON, Silvia L.
Law Cogen, Allison
Law LEE, Thomas
Law CHIN, Karen M.
Law Grismer, Eric J.
Law Tang, Stephanie V
Law Weldon, Erin S
Law Choy, Livia
Law Lindsey, Michael Colin
Law Gonzalez, Gabriel
Law Magree, Montie
Law Canter, Brett
Law Vo, Don
Lawrence Hall of Science PATTERSON, Graham A
Library Administration Horavova, Jitka
Library Administration LOK, Angeline
Library Administration FERNANDEZ, Eric Mamaril
Linguistics Floro, Paula M.
Mathematics Savine, Igor V
Mathematics SANTOS, Kathy
Mathematics PINNEY, Jennifer Sixt
Mechanical Engineering VIRAY, Rene
Miller Inst Basic Research HUBERT, Donata
Mus of Vertebrate Zoology Avila, Lelena
Music COATES, Jim
Music HARA, Nanette
Music MUELLER, Mark D
Off of Laboratory Animal Care Adesida, Adegbenga
Off of Laboratory Animal Care DRIVER, Quig
Office of the Deputy CIO WONG, Angela J
Office of the Deputy CIO PIETARINEN, Jesse Dean
Office of the Deputy CIO WILLIAMS, Dan
Office of the Registrar JONES, Dorothy M.
Optometry Clinic Weekly, Philip
Optometry Clinic Urrere, Ross Leon
PA Hearst Mus of Anthropology Mam, Raksmey
PA Hearst Mus of Anthropology Black, Michael T.
PA Hearst Mus of Anthropology O'KEEFE, Sharyn A.
Philosophy Vrydaghs, Maura R.
Philosophy GROOME, Janet M
Phys Ed Program Salinaro, Thomas Anthony
Physics Underwood, Brian J.
Platform Services Shioshita, John
Platform Services Stuart, Scott R
Platform Services LIN, Zoey
Platform Services WILLCUTS, Alan
Platform Services WAGNER, Todd K.
Platform Services RIEGER, David J.
Platform Services Burney, Kevin
Political Science NUNES, Suzan
Political Science Alcid, Stephanie M
Psychology KATSUURA, Frances
Psychology Schindel, John
QB3 Institute KOZIOL, Ken
RE Support Dalton, Steve
RE Support FELIPE, Lawrence
RE Support Colf, Greg
RE Support Vera, Al
ROTC Military Affairs MARASIGAN, Oliver R.
Recreational Sports Krebs, Brant
Recreational Sports Mizuiri, Remi Mariko
Recreational Sports Selke, Jennifer H H.
Research Immediate Office MEJIA, Melanie C.
Research Special Programs Green, Angela
Research Special Programs Brown, Jennifer L
Research Special Programs Lopez, Carlos A
Research Special Programs Pierce, Arthur
Research Special Programs Johnston, Neil
SAIT Information Tech Clark, Nathan
SAIT Information Tech Chavez, Uvaldo Godoy
SAIT Information Tech Hernandez, Genesy Melinda
SAIT Information Tech Nguyen, Tuan
SAIT Information Tech YIP, YANNIE
SAIT Information Tech ALEXANDER, Rosia
SAIT Information Tech Wun, Scott
SAIT Information Tech Hernandez, Ekaxi
SS Data Lab BURRIS, Jack
School of Education Muramoto, Beth
School of Education Hixon, James
School of Information Lum, Gary M.
School of Journalism Dept FERRAZARES, Roia T.
School of Journalism Dept Knight, Hanna
School of Journalism Dept BARIL, Roy A.
Shared Services Donner, Ayelet
Shared Services Human Resource Marmolejo, Linda
Shared Services Human Resource WILLIAMS, Brenda J.
Shared Services Human Resource MORTIMER, Teri
Shared Services Human Resource SMITH, Aisha
Shared Services Human Resource Meister, Anna Bellows
Shared Services Human Resource Keck, Eleanor Santamaria
Shared Services Human Resource Gevorkian, Aza
Shared Services Human Resource KRIVOY, Suzanne
Shared Services Human Resource LEWIS, Annette M.
Shared Services Human Resource Aranas, Maria P.
Shared Services Human Resource BOLDS, La Tonia L
Shared Services Info Technol Zukauckas, Adam
Shared Services Info Technol Weber, Christy
Shared Services Info Technol LO, Peter
Shared Services Info Technol Hulihan, Mary
Shared Services Info Technol Burnes, Calvin Carr
Shared Services Info Technol Robertson, Glenn L
Shared Services Info Technol Lam, Charles
Shared Services Info Technol Loarie, Philip Will
Shared Services Info Technol Garnett, Paul
Shared Services Info Technol Russell, Daniel B.
Shared Services Info Technol RAINEY, ROBERT A
Shared Services Info Technol Castrillo Freytes, Manuel W.
Shared Services Info Technol Ortega, Edgar
Shared Services Info Technol FONG, Eric
Shared Services Info Technol Morrison, Christopher A.
Shared Services Info Technol Bot-Miller, Micah
Shared Services Info Technol Ward, Toni
Shared Services Info Technol Darmoni, Benjamin
Shared Services Info Technol TOY, DONSON
Shared Services Info Technol Rivera, Roberto
Shared Services Info Technol Lee, Bryan
Shared Services Info Technol Bass, Daniel
Shared Services Info Technol Milligan, Morgan
Shared Services Info Technol Kogelman, Johnathon P.
Shared Services Info Technol Floyd, LaToya P
Shared Services Info Technol Trout, Jason
Shared Services Info Technol Larsen, Brett
Shared Services Info Technol Sophia, Vivian
Shared Services Info Technol GROSS, William Neill
Simons Institute TOC Unger-Lee, Doro Constanze
Sociology DuBois, Aaron D.
Sponsored Projects Office HAN, Nancy T.
Staff Ombuds Office BERNAL, Michele J.
Student Information Systems Marashi, Kamyar
Summer Sessions & Study Abroad LIN, John
TelComm Adams, Kellsie A.
TelComm ODDOYE, Gladys
The Social Science Matrix SETO, Eva Y
Theater, Dance & Perf Studies Mansfield, Michael
Townsend Ctr Humanities Soper, Diane Sugimoto
UC Berkeley Retirement Center Sweeney, Cary R
UNEX Administrative Depts MACIEL, Patty
UNEX Administrative Depts DE FRASHESKI, Ana Bertha
UNEX Administrative Depts Miller, Ryan W
UNEX Administrative Depts OROZCO, OLGA JUDITH
UNEX Administrative Depts Washington, Christopher A
Undgrd Itdsc Stdies Tch & Lrn RODRIGUEZ, Teresa
University Health Services Abraham, Timothy
University Health Services Lijek, Myra
University Health Services Clift, Nathalie Louise
University Health Services Rolleri, Michael
University Health Services Hennings, Melissa
University Health Services Bliss, Nancy
University Health Services McCoy, Scott

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