Add 2-Step to your Campus App

If you would like to integrate your service (that does not use CAS) with 2-Step, please note the following:

  • Review the Duo documentation for your service. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to look for the service you would like to integrate with 2-Step.

  • Only CalNet IDs will be used as the Duo account name. Please ensure that the users of your service use CalNet IDs to authenticate to your service.

  • We will set you up with an administrator account in a staging environment. You will be able to configure your service and add test user accounts as you need. Review Duo’s documentation on how to create your application in Duo.

  • For this initial roll out, we will not be able to accommodate using Duo groups or aliases. So please do not use those features in Duo.

  • When you are ready, we will copy your configuration to the main Duo environment.

  • You are responsible for getting your users to adopt your 2-Step requirement. This includes communication, outreach, consulting, etc.

  • You are also responsible for providing support for your users with login issues related to your application.  The general Help Desk for 2-Step provides support for users setting up their 2-Step devices in CalNet Account Manager.

To request this integration, contact with the following:

  • information about your service that you want to enable with Duo
  • implementation date