Traveling with 2-Step

Traveling Internationally? Use Passcodes!

If you’re traveling internationally and need to log into UC Berkeley sites, you can use passcodes as your second step verification method. You can do this in a number of ways.  

  • Get bypass codes from and print them to take with you.  You can print 10 at a time, each of which can be used once.  

  • Use the Duo Mobile application on your phone to generate a passcode. This works anywhere, even in places where you don't have an internet connection or cellular service.

  • You can also get passcodes sent to you via SMS Text Messaging.  Do this before you travel if you will not have cell service during your trip. If you have an international phone number and use SMS Text Messaging to get passcodes, the text messages you receive may incur substantial roaming charges.

Before You Travel

  • Make sure your personal information is up to date in campus records (log in to, look for Self Service, and review the information under the Update Personal Information section)
  • Make sure your Recovery Email Address is up to date
  • Use the Remember Me option in each web browser on your laptop so that you won't be challenged for the second step for 30 days
  • Print your bypass codes or obtain passcodes via SMS
  • Have a backup plan -- leave a backup passcode with an assistant, spouse or other trustworthy kin
  • Set up a Simple Hardware Token as an alternate 2-Step device

During Your Travels

  • No cellular service?
  • No cellular service OR WiFi? 

Getting Help

You can get help from the Service Desk when traveling. You will need to verify your identity before they can assist you. They will have you confirm personal information in your employment or student record. That's why we recommend making sure your personal information is up-to-date in campus records before traveling. Please also verify that your Recovery Email Address is correct by logging in to

Service Desk Contact Info:


Phone: 510-664-9000, option 1