CalGroups - Same Group Everywhere!

CalGroups is a service that allows the campus community to create and manage groups that can be utilized across multiple resources. CalGroups is easy to use - advanced technical skills are not required to create, change, or delete groups or members. It also offers the unique advantage of allowing the creation of access groups that are automatically updated when institutional data changes. These access groups allow technical staff to configure applications to automatically deprovision access based on official user attributes.

How do I get started?

Click here to find out how to request access to a CalGroups folder space using our online form.

If you have questions about CalGroups, including API questions, contact:

Once you have a folder space, review Getting Started - Tips for CalGroup Folder Owners

What does CalGroups let me do?

  • Manage access to multiple services with a single centrally-created group.
  • Retire locally-managed group systems such as spreadsheets and paper logs.
  • Allow the right people to do the right thing: group membership managed by the business owner, access control by the application owner, and technology management by technologists.
  • Review your own group memberships.
  • Automatically de-provision users from your service when they are no longer eligible.
  • With group-based access control, reduce the risk and potential costs associated with security exposures.

How can I use CalGroups?

You can create groups that you can access via API calls or LDAP query to use for your application or service. You can also sync a CalGroup to Active Directory or bConnected.