CalNet Sponsored Guests

All CalNet Sponsored Guests must abide by campus policies related to using electronic resources, including the Computer Use Policy.

Guests: If you are a Sponsored Guest having trouble logging in, check our Sponsored Guest User Guide!

Sponsors: Log in to the Sponsored Guest System here.

What is CalNet Sponsored Guests?

CalNet Sponsored Guests is a service that allows invited guests to use permitted campus applications and services. Guests either log in using their personal Google credentials or Sponsored Guest ID (available December 2019).

Who qualifies to be a Sponsored Guest?

A CalNet Sponsored Guest is a temporary, unpaid collaborator, auditor, or conference attendee. For example, a Sponsored Guest may be auditing a course in bCourses or assisting campus administrators on an initiative. 

Who does not qualify?

Sponsored Guests are not intended to replace official campus affiliates. Sponsored Guest accounts are also not intended for students, current employees, or future employees. 

Sponsored Guest accounts are not for anyone who is paid by the University or who needs access to restricted campus services. These individuals need an official campus affiliate account. Review the general requirements for requesting an affiliate account or contact your HR support partner for assistance.

Need more help determining whether you need a guest or affiliate account? See: Guest and Affiliate Accounts

What services can a Sponsored Guest access?

  • bCourses

For other campus services, please contact the service owner directly to determine if the service allows access to Sponsored Guests.

What services are not eligible for Sponsored Guests?

  • bMail accounts

  • Active Directory privileges

  • Library privileges

  • Cal1Cards

  • Listing in the campus directory

  • VPN

  • Zoom

  • eduroam (Sponsored Guests are no longer supported for eduroam access. Sponsored Guests should connect to the CalVisitor wireless network. Existing Sponsored Guests who have already registered with WiFi Keys can continue to use their accounts - but cannot reset password)

How do I allow Sponsored Guest access to my application?

If you are a service provider and would like to allow Sponsored Guests to log in to your service, submit a CAS service request via Service Now. For technical details on Guest Accounts, see Guests OU

Have questions? Email for assistance.