Guests OU

Authoritative Data for Guests

Sponsored Guest data is stored in the campus directory (LDAP) and is therefore the authoritative source of all Sponsored Guest data.

Guests (ou=guests,dc=berkeley,dc=edu)

This OU is used to store users who are identified as short and long-term guests, i.e. all user profiles that do not qualify as student, staff, faculty or other known affiliate types are stored under this OU.

Account Creation - When do records enter LDAP?

The CalNet Guest account information is added to the LDAP after a short delay, under ou=guests, and is assigned a new affiliate type: GUEST-TYPE-SPONSORED.

Public and Private Attributes

The following are available Guest Attributes in LDAP:

dn: uid=NNNNNNN,ou=guests,dc=berkeley,dc=edu
objectClass: berkeleyEduPerson
objectClass: eduPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: person
objectClass: top
objectClass: ucEduPerson
cn: Guest, MyUCB
sn: Guest
berkeleyEduKerberosPrincipalString:  uidNNNNNNN
mail:  <guest email address>
berkeleyEduAffiliations: GUEST-TYPE-SPONSORED
berkeleyEduConfidentialFlag: false
berkeleyEduGuestSponsorUid: nnnnnnn  (Note that this is the most recent sponsor to invite the guest)
displayName: MyUCB Guest
givenName: MyUCB
ou: guests

Creating CalNet Guest accounts

For information on eligibility and how to create a Sponsored Guest Account, please see CalNet Sponsored Guests