How to Claim your CalNet ID

Welcome to UC Berkeley!

CalNet ID = username

Logging in with your CalNet ID and passphrase allows you to access campus applications and services. If you already have a CalNet ID but cannot log in, reset your passphrase using the self-service passphrase reset tool.


Students can create a CalNet ID upon invitation from the Registrar. 

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are eligible for CalNet IDs as soon as their record is updated in UCPath. Faculty and staff can create their CalNet ID by taking the following steps:


Affiliates can create their CalNet ID by taking the following steps:

Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars are eligible for CalNet services, but must register with the VSPA office prior to obtaining an affiliate CalNet ID from their sponsoring department.

Sponsored Guests

Sponsored Guests are invited to create a login by virtue of being sponsored by a campus employee. More information can be found here:


Alums who are eligible for a CalNet account can claim their account by taking the following step:

Before You Create Your CalNet ID

Next, Enroll in 2-Step

All users are required to enroll in CalNet 2-Step after creating a new CalNet ID, or activating an existing CalNet ID.

When You Leave