CASify Your Web Application or Web Server

Use the resources below to get your application up and running with CAS authentication.

Getting Started

CAS Resources

Please be sure the system which hosts your application has been registered with the NetReg Application. Refer to the campus Departmental Security Contact Policy for more details on this requirement. Also, if your application provides access to restricted data, please also be sure to register your application in the Restricted Data Management application. You may also wish to request that AppScan be run against your application to check for possible vulnerabilities (to request this service, send email to the Information Security Office).

The intent of CAS authorizations is to ensure that all registered services are providing some level of authorization, and providing a CalNet default authorization if they are not. 

All CAS (and Shib) services will be required to register, and provide contact information.  All services must have a UCB Faculty/Staff contact/sponsor.

All services will have a Default AuthZ or some combination of CAS Service AuthZ and/or application AuthZ.


Use of the CAS requires that you: