LDAP Directory Service

The CalNet LDAP Directory allows you to obtain authoritative information (e.g., employee number, student ID, email addresses, department code) about individuals with a campus affiliation. The Directory provides data lookup and search capabilities.

The Directory contains information about students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other designated campus affiliates. Data is stored as attributes which may be owned by the different campus systems that furnish the information.

Searching on and Retrieving Information: Public vs. Private

Attributes marked Public can be accessed using an anonymous LDAP bind account. No special LDAP bind account needs to be set up. Your application may perform lookups and retrieve customer information without using an application-specific login and password (called a "bind")  as long as it is searching on and retrieving data only from public attributes.

Attributes owned by CalNet, Office of the Registrar, Human Resources, or UCOP are considered private and require approval of the owner before permission is granted to access those attributes. A special account (privileged LDAP bind account) needs to be established before your application can access those attributes.

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