Grace Periods

Did you get an email from calnet-donotreply @ that says your account is entering grace? It is not SPAM! See below for information and next steps -- and check out these phishing facts if you are concerned that you have received a phishing email.

When are grace emails sent? Click here to see the schedule

How long is my grace period? Click here to see a table of grace periods by affiliation

When all of a person's affiliations with UC Berkeley are no longer active, their CalNet ID is considered expired. However, that ID’s information is retained in the system for a certain length of time determined by the type of affiliation the person had with UC Berkeley. That length of time is called a grace period. An expired person with no active affiliations and who is no longer in grace will no longer be able to log in to their CalNet account.

If you receive a notice that your account has entered grace and you believe it is an error, you must contact the appropriate department to review and update your affiliation status:

Access while in Grace

The expiration of a person's CalNet account impacts their eligibility to access most campus services. Some services are not available to a user when they are in grace, such as VPN. Other services will continue to be available during the grace period. The grace period is designed to give users time to transition away from using campus services. For example, during the grace period, an employee can save any email in their UC Berkeley account and a student can retrieve final grades or save documents stored on campus-provided file storage systems.

The grace period begins the day all of a person's affiliations with campus end, as determined by campus data sources such as the Human Resources (HCM) and Student (SIS) systems.

Services that are available while in a grace period include, but are not limited, to:

  • bConnected
  • CalCentral
  • bCourses

bMail Account Eligibility

At the end of the grace period, access to the user's bConnected Google account will be disabled.

Visit for information on how to manage bConnected Google accounts when departing from the university. 

Information for Technologists

Campus application developers who prefer not to offer services to people in the grace period can interrogate the CalNet Directory public attribute berkeleyEduExpDate to determine whether a record is in the grace period. If it is, it will have a value in the berkeleyEduExpDate attribute that is in the future. Any values in berkeleyEduAffiliations should show as “FORMER-*”, e.g., FORMER-EMPLOYEE, FORMER-AFFILIATE, or FORMER-STUDENT. These values indicate what affiliations the person had before they entered the grace period.

The value in berkeleyEduExpDate is the date of the end of the grace period. At that point, the CalNet ID will either be expired and moved into the Expired People OU or, if it has alumni affiliations, moved into the ADVCON People OU with access only given to alumni applications.

Grace Period Email Schedule

Please note: grace period is determined by the end date entered in the campus system of record. If you are an employee or affiliate and your end date is entered after the end of the grace period, you will not receive emails and your account will be immediately expired.

As soon as a user goes into grace, the first email goes out.
From then on, emails are sent at:
2 months before expiration
1 month before expiration
2 weeks before expiration
1 week before expiration

Grace Period by Affiliation

Below is a list of the categories of affiliation and associated grace periods. End dates and grace periods for Employees and Affiliates are determined by the end dates set in UCPath.


Grace Period

Committee members

30 days


30 days


30 days


90 days

Faculty and Staff

90 days

HHMI Researchers

30 days

LBL/DOE Post Docs

30 days

LBL/OP Staff

30 days

Post Docs

274 days

Retirees enrolled with Retirement Center

30 days


**SIS-Extended is not a true grace period; it is a 2-year period of time that former students have after their active student-affiliation ends, during which they can access CalCentral. Former students will NOT receive email notifications when their SIS-Extended affiliation ends.

2 years


274 days

Temp Agency personnel



30 days

Visiting Scholars

30 days

Visiting Student Researchers

30 days


30 days