Passphrase Requirements

Passphrase Requirements:

CalNet offers two passphrase options, the regular passphrase and the long passphrase.

  • You cannot reuse a passphrase; the system will reject reused passphrases. 
  • Your passphrase should not contain common passphrases, standard dictionary words, sequences (“123”, “DEF”) in any order, or repeating characters (“444”, “ooo”).  Such passphrases may be rejected.

Regular CalNet Passphrase Requirements

Your passphrase must:

  • Be at least 12 characters long (maximum 255) and may include spaces 
  • Contain at least three of the four following character groups: 
    • Uppercase letters (A through Z) 
    • Lowercase letters (a through z) 
    • Numbers (0 through 9) or 
    • Symbols/special characters (!, $, #, or %, etc.)

Your passphrase must NOT:

  • Contain your first name, middle, or last name(s)
  • Contain your CalNet ID
  • Contain leading or trailing spaces

Long CalNet Passphrase Requirements

  • Your long passphrase must be at least 20 characters long (maximum 255) and may include spaces
  • Your passphrase must NOT contain your first name, middle, or last name(s) or your CalNet ID
  • Cannot contain leading or trailing spaces
  • There are no other requirements