Applications OU

Applications (ou=applications,dc=berkeley,dc=edu)

The "applications" branch (ou=application,dc=berkeley,dc=edu) of the CalNet Directory contains the CalNet Application entries (privileged binds) of each service and/or applications that have applied for special access to restricted Directory data.h4. Applications (ou=applications,dc=berkeley,dc=edu)

CalNet-enabled applications that have registered for access to privileged CalNet data are assigned "application binds." These binds are then used by the applications to securely connect to the CalNet Directory for access to private data. Developers may request a privileged bind by answering the questions listed on the Applying for Directory Access page. The CalNet team forwards responses to the data proprietor (HR for staff, Registrar for students - please see Authoritative Sources of Data in LDAP) for review.

If the data proprietor approves the request, the CalNet team will create a test bind to allow the developer to write the necessary code to use the bind. When the developer decides that the code works in test, the production bind will be created.