Sponsored Guests Project

CalNet Sponsored Guests Project

CalNet Sponsored Guests is a new service for campus applications that allows guests to use their personal Google credentials or Sponsored Guest ID in lieu of a Calnet ID for authentication.

Why did we do this?

The aging legacy guest application received limited technical support due to dwindling resources. Instead of fixing the outdated application, we found it more feasible to purchase Cirrus Identity, a third-party solution.

What’s new?

Multiple Sponsors for a Guest

The new application allows a guest to be sponsored by multiple employees and have a single login. In such cases, the guest’s expiration date will be the latest date listed. Applications and sponsors are responsible for appropriately managing access to their guest users.

A Different ID

The legacy guest application created CalNet IDs for guests, similar to the ones we use for the campus community. The new application, instead, allows the guest to login using their Google authentication or Sponsored Guest ID. Sponsored Guests will not have a CalNet ID.

Guest Access

Sponsored Guests can access web-based applications that have opted to allow guests, but will not be able to use Active Directory computers and services and cannot update their listing in the campus directory.

CAS Login

New guests log in by clicking on the “Sponsored Guest Sign In” link on the CAS page. Sponsored Guests do NOT enter their login and password on the CAS screen directly.

CAS Page Sponsored Guest Sign In

What’s the same?

Many of the functions are similar, even if the look and feel is different.

Sponsors can still:

    • Invite guests

    • Set custom expiration dates

    • Invite guests in bulk via file upload

Guest can still:

    • Accept an invitation

    • Only log into campus applications that explicitly allow guests

Tip: Only employees can sponsor a guest.

When will this be implemented?



Set up test environment

March 1, 2019

Create documentation for CalNet website

April 30, 2019

Create internal documentation and resources

April 30, 2019

Begin Pilot

March 15, 2019

CalNet Sponsored Guest application in test and production

May 13, 2019

Test period for app owners that allow guests

May 16 to May 22, 2019

App owners begin using CalNet Sponsored Guest accounts

May 23, 2019

Disallow access to legacy guest application

May 30, 2019

Legacy guests begin conversion to CalNet Sponsored Guest accounts

May 30, 2019

Legacy guest accounts no longer valid

June 28, 2019

Have questions? Email calnet-admin@berkeley.edu for assistance.