Guest and Affiliate Accounts


Students, faculty, and staff are eligible for CalNet accounts by nature of their official affiliation with the campus. People who are temporarily affiliated with the campus are divided into two broad categories: Affiliates and Sponsored Guests.

Generally, anyone who is paid by the University or needs access to restricted campus services needs an Affiliate account which must be initiated through the campus HR system. 

People who are not paid by the University and are collaborating on a project, attending a conference or auditing a class are eligible for a Sponsored Guest account, which does not require entry into the HR system.

Affiliates have access to some services that Sponsored Guests do not. Sponsored Guests, for example, are not eligible for bMail accounts, eduroam or Library services. If you need to know whether your Affiliate or Sponsored Guest will be able to access a specific service, please contact the service owner directly.

To create either an Affiliate account or a Sponsored Guest account, navigate to one of the links, below:

Sponsored Guest Accounts

  • To invite new guests or manage existing guests, see: Sponsor Guide

CalNet Affiliate Accounts

  • For information on how to request an affiliate ID from Campus Shared Services, contact your HR partner and review the information below.

Requesting an Affiliate Account

Director or department manager approval is required to request an affiliate account. Some units may need to use a specific CSS form to request an affiliate. See: for a list of forms.

When you obtain approval, contact your HR support staff to find out how to request an affiliate. Be sure to provide the following information in your request:

  • Requesting Department

  • Requested Start Date of Action

  • Supervisor

  • Background Check/Fingerprinting (As Required)

  • Affiliate End Date of Action

  • Affiliate Appointment Type: Affiliate

  • Medical Surveillance (As Required)

  • Will the affiliate need an appointment type that allows for a Berkeley email account?

  • Name (Last, First, MI)

  • Physical Address

  • Phone Number

  • E-mail Address

  • DOB

  • Sex

  • U.S. Citizen

If your affiliate is not a U.S. citizen, you will also need to provide:

  • Resident Status

  • Country of Citizenship

  • Visa Type

When CSS processes your request, an Affiliate ID number is generated that is used to obtain the CalNet ID following the process outlined in Activate CalNet ID.

Have questions? Email for assistance.