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Logging in

To access CalGroups, log in using your CalNet credentials at is external)

User Interface

Main screen

The main screen is a dashboard that contains (1) a searchbar, (2) + Create new group button, (3) Quick links, (4) the CalGroups folder hierarchy and (5) recent activity. It also displays (6) My Favorites, (7) Groups I Manage and (8) My Memberships; a link to the (9) Grouper Wiki support documentation, (10) direct access to your CalGroups profile, and (11) a logout link.

Split into two panes, the narrow left pane contains tools and menus to use CalGroups. Content displayed in the wider right pane changes depending on how you navigate through CalGroups. The Berkeley logo at top left serves as a home button when navigating through CalGroups.


Search Bar 

A search will return results from the following areas: all object types, groups, folders, entities, attribute definitions, and attribute names. The results are organized by object type and paged.

Search Tips

When searching for people (called entities in CalGroups), you will not get results if the name you search for is not an exact match to the name on file. For example, searching for "Oski Bear" will not return "Oski T Bear." Try searching by last name, alone, or use the CalNet recommended method of searching for UID, which you can find in the campus directory(link is external).

+ Create new group button


Click this button to create a new group, or click the drop-down arrow next to it to create a group, create a folder or add members to an existing group.

Quick Links


My groups - click to see Groups I manageMy memberships, or Groups I can join

My folders - click to see Folders I manage or Folders with groups I manage

My favorites - click to see your favorites

Managing SPA Membership in CalGroups - click to see how to manage your Special Purpose Accounts using CalGroups

CalGroups user documentation - click to see CalGroups user documentation available on the CalNet website

Main Screen Widgets


These widgets are displayed on the main screen by default:

My Favorites

Groups I Manage

My Memberships

Customizing Your Widgets

You can change what widgets are displayed on the main screen by clicking the gear icon on any widget and selecting from the drop-down menu.

CalGroups Folder Structurefolder_example

CalGroups uses a folder structure to organize content. The root of the structure is the Berkeley folder. You can open folders to view their contents or collapse folders by double-clicking the folder or clicking the (+) or (-) symbol to the left of the folder name. Nested under the Berkeley folder are these main subfolders:

  • Applications - for groups that are bound to an application with broad campus use

  • Official - official campus groups used for creating access groups with auto-deprovisioning features

  • Organizations - for departmental groups used for various purposes

Your CalGroups folders will be nested within one or more of these top level folders, depending on what folder space you have requested.

If you click on an item inside a folder, the right pane will display the main screen for that item. You will only be able to see items that you have permission to see.


Request access to a folder space using our online form.

If you have questions about CalGroups, including API questions, contact: