Managing SPA Membership in CalGroups

Employees can create a SPA in the SPA Admin Application. After a SPA is created, the user will be directed to CalGroups to add other Direct Members.  Any employee, affiliate or student can be added to a SPA as a Direct Member. Only employees can create and manage SPAs.

Remember that to manage SPAs in CalGroups, you must log in AS YOURSELF, and not as the SPA. To manage SPA Membership using CalGroups:

  • Go to
  • Log in as yourself
  • Search for spa-name
  • Click on the SPA group 
    • After searching, you will see both the SPA and the SPA group. The SPA is the account itself. The SPA group is the group of people with access to the SPA. 
  • Follow instructions below

Note: SPAs are not available within Active Directory.