Log in as a SPA

It's easy to log in to campus applications as a SPA; just use the +YourCalNetID method, below. SPAs have access to a variety of campus services, which makes collaborating with colleagues easy and secure.

STOP! Read this before logging in as a SPA

You cannot log in as a SPA if you are logged in as yourself. Before logging in:

  • Log out from any existing CalNet sessions and open a new browser 
  • Or, alternatively, open an incognito or private window
  • Then, navigate to the website or service you want to log in to, as the SPA. Instead of logging in as yourself at the CAS login screen, follow these steps to log in as the SPA:

Two-Part "+YourCalNetID" Login Method

This method is sometimes called the "Plus" login. After you log in using this method, CAS will display a list of CalNet SPAs you are allowed to log in as. Select an account, and voila! Here are detailed instructions:

1. Navigate to the application you want to sign in to. Enter a "+" followed by your personal CalNet ID in the CalNet ID field of the CAS screen as follows: 

  • Your personal CalNet ID with a plus symbol in front of it = +yourcalnetid

2. Then enter your personal CalNet passphrase:

 "+" directly followed by CalNet ID

CAS will display the following panel. Click the drop-down box to review what SPA CalNet ID you can log in as.

Drop down menu of SPAs user can log in as 

Select the SPA CalNet ID that you would like to log in as, and select Sign In As.

One-Part Login Method

If you know your SPA CalNet ID, you can log in directly using this method.

1. Navigate to the application you want to sign in to. In the CalNet ID field on the CAS login screen, enter the direct login using the following format: SPA CalNet ID followed by "+" and your own personal CalNet ID as follows:

  • SPA followed by the SPA name and your personal ID = spa-spaname+yourcalnetid

 2. Finally, enter your personal CalNet passphrase.

CalNet ID field
Passphrase field
spa-name+your_calnetid  use your personal CalNet passphrase

Here's an example with spa-econhelp as the SPA CalNet ID and janedoe as the personal CalNet ID:

CalNet ID field
Passphrase field
spa-econhelp+janedoe use your personal CalNet passphrase

 SPA name + calnet ID

Then, press Sign In As to complete the login.

Don't see a CAS login page?

If a CalNet authentication page does not appear, you may have already CAS-authenticated with your personal account. Log out, use a different browser, or use an incognito or private browser window.

Contact Us

To create SPAs and manage membership, use the Special Purpose Accounts Admin App

If you have any questions regarding SPA CalNet IDs, contact itcsshelp@berkeley.edu.