SPA Policy

UC Berkeley Special Purpose Accounts (SPAs) are restricted to furthering academic, research, administrative, or public service activities only. SPAs, their contents/data, and the associated email account are owned by UC Berkeley and the primary department of the employee at the time the SPA is created. 

Department managers have the authority to modify membership and/or disable a SPA at any time, and manage the content of the account. Department Managers can email to transfer SPAs to different departmentsor modify SPA membership.

If the use of this account is out of compliance with UC and UC Berkeley policies, including the UC Berkeley Computer Use Policy ( or the terms of any service accessed by this account, it will be disabled immediately. 

Please note that if there are no active employees in the SPA’s direct membership, the associated email account will be notified and then all members removed a week later. If you receive notice that a SPA no longer has direct members, the director or manager of a deparment must contact and request an employee be added to the SPA group.

Contact if you have questions about SPAs.