2-Step at the IT Summit: Congrats to our winners!

June 12, 2018

If you attended the One IT Summit held on June 7, 2018 in the MLK Student Center, chances are you stopped by the coolest table in the Exhibit Hall - the CalNet 2-Step table.

At this seemingly no-swag booth, visitors could take a quiz to enter a raffle and possibly win an amazing prize: a $20 Amazon gift card. Their interest piqued, friend turned to foe, even actively sabotaging each other’s answers -- much to the amusement of the CalNet Team. As the day went on, the bowl of submissions grew more and more full.

Now that all submissions have been graded and winners drawn, we gladly disclose the quiz answers:

How many employee cohorts were there? Answer: 2
What is the most commonly used authentication method? Answer: Push
What website do you go to to manage your 2-Step? Answer: mycalnet.berkeley.edu
What is 2-Step? Answer: Multi-Factor Authentication
The “Remember Me” feature enables my browser to remember me for: Answer: 30 days

And now, for the winners of our grand prizes! Congratulations to: Charles, Eric, and BlaineI! You’ve won the CalNet 2-Step Quiz Raffle!