New! CalNet Account Manager

August 2, 2016

CalNet has done it again! Recently released by your favorite Identity and Access Management team, CalNet Account Manager (CAM) is an exciting new tool that allows you to manage your CalNet account, yourself. Previously, students and employees needed to contact the Cal1Card office or a campus CalNet deputy to get a token to create a new CalNet account or reset a forgotten passphrase. This new application lets you make these changes yourself. It also serves as a central location for making changes to personal or security information, streamlining the process for all users.

One caveat? You must have a email address in the CalNet system in order to use it. You can enter a email address by logging  into CAM at  with your CalNet ID. Follow the simple steps to “Change Recovery Email Address, and ta-da, any time you forget your passphrase in the future, you’ll be able to easily reset it.

With phishing and information security threats constantly looming, it’s important to maintain a secure passphrase. Use the “Change My Passphrase” link to update your passphrase whenever you see fit (it’s recommended that you change your passphrase several times per year).

While perhaps the most useful component of this tool is the ability toRecover a Forgotten Passphrase, the ability to “Change My CalNet ID” stands out as significant shift in process. Changing a CalNet ID used to require a CalNet administrator to enable a change for an account.  But many incoming students choose inappropriate CalNet IDs and need to change them before setting up an email address. We have made it so that everyone can make ONE CalNet ID change without intervention.  If you have been using your CalNet ID for any significant length of time you should NOT use this feature.  There are a number of things that can break if you change your CalNet ID and it’s up to you to track those things down and get them fixed. See Change CalNet IDfor details.

For in-depth instructions on how to use all of these handy new features, please refer to:

Once you’re acquainted with our awesome new tool, we encourage that you log into  and take a look at these features. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of maintaining a current recovery email address, which is necessary for many of the tool’s functionalities. So go to “Change My Recovery Email Address” now and update it with your email address!  This will ensure that you can use CAM to recover your CalNet ID and passphrase, should you forget them in the future.