Recovery Email Address to the Rescue!

November 29, 2016

In conjunction with our recently released CalNet Account Manager (, CalNet is launching a campus-wide campaign to ensure that users are able to take advantage of cool new self-service tools. In order to use the tools at, students and staff need first submit a personal Recovery Email Address via

What on earth is a Recovery Email Address?

A Recovery Email Address is your non-”” email address; without a Recovery Email Address on record, you will be unable to utilize the tools at, which allow you to easily change your existing passphrase or reset your passphrase should or when you forget it.

Users also receive notifications to their Recovery Email Address when changes are made to to their CalNet account.

Sounds important! How do I update my Recovery Email Address?

I’m glad you asked! Go to to review or update your Recovery Email Address.

Simply navigate to, log in in the upper right hand corner, and choose “Change My Recovery Email Address.” There, you will be prompted to enter a email address of your choice. It’s that easy! You can now rest assured that you have access to all self-service CalNet tools. You can click here for additional instructions on how to use

What's in it for me?

What is more valuable than increased security and the ability to manage your own Identity? Setting a Recovery Email Address means you don't have to prove your identity before getting a passphrase reset, which will save you time and headache. 

Don’t delay! Head over to and log in to review and update your Recovery Email Address, today!