About 2-Step

CalNet 2-Step! For Your Account's Security

What Is 2-Step?

CalNet 2-Step Verification helps you ensure that you are the only person that can access your CalNet account, even if someone gets your password. You will log in using your CalNet information and as a second step, reconfirm your identity using a verification device of your choosing, like a phone or tablet. 

All students, staff, and faculty are required to enroll with 2-step verification. CalNet guests and Alumni using an alumni login are exempt from the requirement.

How Do I Get Started?

Why 2-Step?

Do you think your passphrase alone is enough to keep identity thieves from getting into your account? Think again! You could be at risk of having your passphrase stolen if you:

  • click the links in email messages
  • download software online
  • infrequently change your passphrase
  • use the same passphrase for multiple accounts

If an identity thief steals your CalNet ID and passphrase, they can:

  • delete your contacts and files
  • lurk in your email account to get information about your work
  • use your account to get to your personal accounts (bank, credit card, etc.)
  • impersonate you to gain access to your contacts’ accounts
  • divert your paycheck to themselves

Need Help?

Contact calnet2-stephelp@berkeley.edu