User Guide

CalNet Account Manager (CAM)

CalNet Account Manageris a self-service tool located at Students, employees, affiliates and stu-delegates can use CAM to change their passphrase. Users (excluding stu-delegates) can also:

  • change their CalNet ID (once, only)
  • update their Recovery Email Address
  • Manage their 2-Step settings

Users can only use CAM to change their CalNet ID or recover a forgotten CalNet ID or passphrase if they have an existing Recovery Email Address.  

What if my Recovery Email Address is missing or outdated?

If you need to update your Recovery Email Address and you CAN log in to CalNet, log in to and set it.

If you do NOT have a Recovery Email Address and you CAN NOT log in, you will not be able to proceed. See below.

How do I add a Recovery Email Address if I cannot log in?

Send an email to with your Student, UCPAth or CalNet ID and a request to set your Recovery Email Address. You will be required to provide additional information to verify your identity before the request will be processed.

CAM User Guide             

Home Screen

The home screen for CAM displays a link to log in in the upper right hand corner, and the Forgot My CalNet ID / Passphrase link in the middle left. Click here for instructions on how to reset your passphrase if you have forgotten it.

Home Screen - When Logged In

Log in to CAM using your CalNet ID and passphrase in order to view more account management tools.

Account Management Actions

To use these tools, log in to using your CalNet ID and passphrase

Change My Recovery Email Address
Log in to CAM and then click this option to set your recovery email address, which will allow you to use the forgot passphrase feature in the future. See detailed instructions, below.

Set a New Passphrase
Log in to CAM and then click this option to change your passphrase - you can only use this option if you know your current passphrase. See detailed instructions, below.

Manage 2-Step Verification
Log in to CAM and then click this option to make changes to your 2-Step account settings.

Update My Directory Listing
Log in to CAM  and then click this option to access the Directory Update Application.

Create My Email Account
Log in to CAM and then click here to create a bMail account, if you do not already have one.

Change My Username
Log in to CAM and then click this option to change your CalNet ID. See detailed instructions, here.  Beware! Changing your CalNet ID may result in losing access to some campus systems.

Account Information Displayed

The Account Information section displays the following information about the user currently logged in.

Display Name
Your display name is what displays in campus applications, such as bMail. You can change or update this in the campus directory.

Berkeley Email Address
This field displays your current bMail address.

Recovery Email Address
This field displays your current Recovery Email Address.

My IDs
This field will list any IDs, such as CalNet ID or student ID, that belong to you.

ucPathID = your Employee or Affiliate ID from the campus HR system

campusSolutionsId = the ID assigned to you from the campus Student Information System. Note: all students, employees and affiliates have "CS ID" regardless of whether they are or were ever a student

My Affiliations
This field lists your current campus affiliations. Click here to see a complete list of campus affiliations.

Name and Group Information

This section lists the names that you own in the campus name space, and the groups to which you belong.