Before you change your CalNet ID...

Changes to your CalNet ID can have many effects on your campus computer desktop and online campus systems. 

CalNet 2-Step
If you are enrolled in 2-Step, you will need to re-enroll your devices after changing your CalNet ID. 

If you already have a bMail address, your bMail address will be changed to match your CalNet ID. If you do not have a bMail address, one will be created for you. See Berkeley bConnected for details.

Active Directory 
Departments who use the campus Active Directory service (network logon) also rely on CalNet ID as workstation login, and the CalNet ID is often tied to internal permissions set via AD security groups. Campus OU Administrators need to be ready to assist those users whose AD permissions need to be re-mapped for file sharing as a result of a CalNet ID change.

What are the applications that may be affected if I change my CalNet ID? 

The CalNet ID is used to log in to many campus systems and services. When you change your CalNet ID, you are changing your username for those services, and you may need to contact the Service Provider or your departmental IT support staff to ensure all your existing permissions are transferred to your new username. Some such services include:

  • Kuali Ready
  • Connexxus Travel Portal
  • CADS Alumni Database
  • Trondent and TravelPrefs
  • Zimride
  • UREL Advance. CADSMART, and URBOE Servers
  • Spaces @ Internet2
  • Spaces @ UCLA.Net
  • Spaces @ AIS @ UCLA
  • Spaces @ UCLA (InCommon)
  • Educause
  • itarch @
  • lists @
  • UCOP
  • UC Proposals
  • UC Contracts
  • UCSF Library Wiki
  • Hathitrust
  • OIPP production
  • Cal Digital Lib
  • EBI Spaces
  • Commons @ LBNL
  • Campus AFS Service
  • bIT Unix CalNet-based Accounts

How do I change my CalNet ID?

You can change your CalNet ID using the tool at: Find instructions online at:

Also, be aware that you are only allowed to change your ID one time, so we strongly advise you select something you intend to keep for the rest of your time with UC Berkeley.