CalNet RoadMap

CalNet maintains a Service Projects board with current and future projects sorted by priority and roughly laid out on a 1, 3 and 5 year timeline. This RoadMap enables the campus community to see what we are working on, to provide feedback, and help prioritize efforts. The board is public and can be viewed at:

Each project is represented by a "card" on the board.  As projects move the right, they are better defined and prioritized.  The order of the cards in the One Year column represents the order in which those projects will be addressed, as resources allow.  The order of the Three Year and Five Year projects is less well defined. Long Term projects are placeholders that may one day come into scope.

To see the details of any given card, click on it.  Below the example card are notes on how to read the contents of a project card.

CalNet Trello Card

Labels: The Label(s) identifies the type main service category as described on CalNet Services.  There is a special Label called "Deprecated" which indicates that a project is specifically about deprecating a service.

TitleThe title of the card follows this convention: "Service Name - Project Name".  In the example above, BPR is the service name and "Account Lifecycle handling" is the project name.

Members: CalNet staff who have been assigned to work on a project will be listed as a member on the card. One special member is "PS" which indicates that professional services will be engaged to work on this project.

Due DateWhen it is known, a rough idea of what date the project is expected to be completed.

DescriptionA longer description of what the project with links to additional information when available.

Comments: Comments are open to the public. You need a Trello account to make a comment, although you can log in with your google credentials to do so. Comments help the CalNet team understand the importance of any given project to the community and is encouraged.

Other things to note about the Trello card:

You can subscribe to a card and receive notifications about activity on the card.  This would let you know when others have commented, when the someone is assigned or a due date is set, or when the card moves from one column to another, possibly indicating that work has started.  

You can filter cards to limit your view to only cards of interest to you, such as the IDDS service category, or only projects that relate to CAS or LDAP.

See the Trello help documentation for more information