CalNet Account Expiration Notices Resumed Last Week

March 20, 2017

Due to recent major upgrades of the Identity Management environment, CalNet accounts for former students, employees and affiliates have not been expired since October 4, 2016. Account expiration and the accompanied notifications were turned back on last week. Moving forward, users with accounts that should be expired will start receiving grace notifications by email. Grace period end dates will be set to July, so that sufficient notice can be given to these users.

The CalNet expiration process is as follows:

  • When a CalNet user is no longer affiliated with campus, their account will be scheduled for expiration and they will enter a grace period. During the grace period, the user will continue to have access to limited services, including bMail, but will not have any active LDAP affiliations, only FORMER affiliations. You can see grace period information on our website,

  • The user will be notified via email to their bMail account when their account is scheduled to be expired. Email reminders will be sent periodically until the account expires.

  • If a person is re-activated as a student or employee during their grace period, they will receive a separate email informing them that their account is no longer scheduled to expire.

  • Alumni accounts are able to access limited services after their grace period. Contact for more information.

Please note: grace periods and expiration dates are driven entirely by data from our campus source data systems (such as HCM and SIS). If you or a colleague receives a grace notification and believe it to an error, contact the appropriate department below to review and update your affiliation status:

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you,

The CalNet Team

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