Introducing: CalNet Sponsored Guests

June 5, 2019

Do you want to allow campus guests to use your application? Now you can easily do so with CalNet Sponsored Guests, the newest service from the CalNet team. Replacing the recently deprecated legacy guest service, CalNet Sponsored Guests allows your guests to use their personal Google account to log into your applications - no more CalNet IDs!

Ready to roll out the welcome mat?

If your application doesn’t already allow guests and you want it to, simply submit a Service Request to modify your CAS registration. You’ll need to provide just a couple of pieces of information and you should be good to go! See for details.

The new guest service allows sponsors to invite guests, change their guest’s expiration dates, and revoke guest access. The new service also allows multiple sponsors for a single guest, which means less trouble for the guest when one of their sponsors changes jobs or leaves campus!

Want to learn more about this new service?  Check out our CalNet Sponsored Guests webpage.