Traveling with 2-Step

January 15, 2018

Do you travel abroad for work? Have you considered what will happen if you lose your phone or laptop? How will you access your CalNet account using 2-Step if your device is lost or stolen?

Never fear, dear traveler! Just take a few moments to set yourself up for success by doing the following:

  1. Update your Recovery Email Address at

  2. Review and update your personal information at (log in, look for Self Service, and review the information under the Update Personal Information section)

  3. Print your backup passcodes

  4. Obtain and set up a Simple Hardware Token

  5. Have a backup plan -- leave a backup passcode with a spouse or trustworthy colleague

Find out more! See Traveling with 2-Step for additional tips and tricks, such as how to use the Duo app to generate passcodes, or use Push without cell service.

Getting Help

You can get help from Service Desk when traveling, but you will need to verify your identity before they can assist you -- this is why it’s so important to make sure your campus records contain updated information.

Service Desk Contact Info


Phone: 510-664-9000, option 1