Note: Attestation can be applied to your SPA groups as well as CalGroups. Any direct member of the group has the capability to edit Attestation Configurations. 

Attestation allows you to implement timely reminders to review your group membership.

  1. Navigate to your group in CalGroups

  2. Click on the More Actions menu button

    3.  Click Attestation

  "More Actions" then "Attestation"    4. Click Edit attestation settings 

Attestation Actions

  1. From the dropdown in the center of the page, change “No, does not have attestation directly assigned” to “Yes, does have attestation directly assigned” 

Select "Yes, does ave attestation assigned"

  1. The default time period before recertification is required is set to 180 days. However, you have the option to select No, use custom recertify days, and then enter a value in the Number of days until need to recertify... field (such as 1, or 30).

Select "No, use custom recertify days"

  1. Mark the group as “reviewed”. This will start the clock on attestation.

    Mark as reviewed

  2. Click Save.

  3. You should get a green confirmation bar at the top of your screen, indicating the configuration was saved. Confirmation screen reads "Attestation configuration was saved"

  4. You will be able to see all of your selected changes in the configuration.
    Summary of all attestation changes

  5. Admins and updaters of the group will receive an email reminder to attest the folder/group. Follow the instructions that are relayed in the email. Email reading "You will need to attest the following groups and folders"

  6. In CalGroups, the group will display the following message: Click on the Mark group as reviewed button.

  This group's members need to be attested now