Using an LDAP Bind with CalGroups

Requesting an LDAP Bind

If you need an LDAP bind for your CalGroups folder space, request one via Service Request in ServiceNow. Be sure to note that you are requesting a CalGroups LDAP bind. You will need to gather the following information to complete the request:

  • Application Name
  • Application Functional Owner/Department and Contact Information
  • Application Technical Contact Information
  • If data will be stored, indicate where (e.g., type of machine, physical location, hostname, database platforms

Using your LDAP Bind to Access your CalGroups Info

Use the berkeleyEduIsMemberOf attribute in LDAP to determine a person's group membership. 

If you want to determine who is in your group, you might use the filter:

'(berkeleyEduIsMemberOf=cn=edu:berkeley:org:myDept:some-group,ou=campus groups,dc=berkeley,dc=edu)'

If you want to find all the accounts that are in the all-staff group, you would use the filter:

'(berkeleyEduIsMemberOf=cn=edu:berkeley:official:employees:staff:all-staff,ou=campus groups,dc=berkeley,dc=edu)'
If you want to determine if a person is in the group, you can AND their uid and the group:
'(&(uid=1234)(berkeleyEduIsMemberOf=cn=edu:berkeley:official:employees:staff:all-staff,ou=campus groups,dc=berkeley,dc=edu))'


Request a new CalGroups folder space, or change or delete an existing space via Service Request in ServiceNow

If you have questions about CalGroups, including LDAP questions, contact: