CalGroups - Google Sync Default Settings

What to Expect When Your CalGroups Folder is Synced with Google Groups

All the groups in your CalGroups folder will show up as Google groups. The admin of a group in CalGroups will become the manager of that group in Google. Adding or deleting members can only be done in CalGroups, which will propagate to Google.  You may also delete the group in CalGroups, which will cause it to disappear from the Google Groups list.

The following are the default settings for CalGroups synced to Google, which managers can change. There are also optional attributes that can be set. Managers are advised to review all the Google group management settings and configure them for your needs.



Required forms of identity: Either display name or Google profile


New member restrictions: Anyone can post

SPAM messages: Send them to the moderation queue and sent notification to moderators 

Tags: Disabled

Categories: Disabled


Basic Permissions

            View Topics: Owners of the group

            Post: Public

Join the Group: Anyone in the organization can ask

Posting Permissions

            Attach Files: Public

            Post messages to forum: Public

Moderation Permissions

            Add Members: Owners and Managers of the group

 Approve Members: Owners of the group            

            Approve Messages: Owners of the group

            Modify Members: Owners of the group

Ban Users: Owners of the group

Invite Members: Owners and Managers of the group

Modify Roles: Owners of the group

Access Permissions

            Contact the owners of this group: Public

            View members: Owners and managers of the group

View member email address: Owners of the group

            View Topics: Owners of the group 


General Information

Allowed Topic Types: Discussion

Posting options

Allow posting by email

Allow users to post to the group on the web

Web view customization

            Conversation Mode: Enable grouping of emails into threads based on subject