CalGroups - Google Sync Service Terms

Groups created in CalGroups that are synced with Google are, in effect, bConnected Lists (or Google Groups).  As such, these groups must adhere to the following terms and policies.  Please review them for information on official mass mailings and mailing lists.

Usage Rules

Users intending to create groups derived from Official Groups for email purposes must observe the following:

  • You must be approved by your department’s leadership to create these type of groups.

  • Your group must have at least one owner.

  • Your group members may only include those within your department; communication with these groups should be for departmental purposes only.

  • Only organizations with campus-wide responsibilities (such as HR, Payroll, etc.) are allowed to include  people outside their department in their groups. Communication with these groups should be for campus purposes only.

  • Violation or abuse of these rules will cause your access to CalGroups to be revoked.