There are users in my CalGroups Google Group that shouldn’t be there!

When you sync your CalGroup to Google Groups, you may see folks that don’t belong there. In order to fix this, you will need to edit the privilege setting on your CalGroup to exclude these users via the Opt Out privileges option. When Opt Out is selected, it means that the privilege holder will not sync to Google Groups as a member.


Oski-Test-Group has a few members, and is administered by the group Oski-Admin. The user Oski Test has administrative privileges in the Oski-Admin group, and therefore in the Oski-Test-Group, too. This is a common CalGroups setup - in which an Admin folder has administrative privileges over another group. You must have administrative privileges over a CalGroup in order to sync it to Google Groups.

CalGroups SPA Page, arrow pointing to select "privileges"

To implement the Opt Out feature, click on thePrivileges tab of your group:

  1. Review the people listed in thePrivileges tab; this will include theCalNet team and members of the associated Admin-group.
  2. Check thewhite or light grey box to the left of each person or group who you want to Opt Out of your Google Group. Note: If everyone you want to exclude is in a single group, such as CalNet Team in the example, you can check the box for that group, and all members will be excluded -- although the checkmarks will not show as dark grey.
  3. Then, click the drop-down menu at the top of the list, andselect Assign the OPTOUT privilege
  4. ClickUpdate Selected

Now, when you review the people listed in the Privileges tab, those who you have opted out will have a dark grey checkmark in the OptOut column. That dark check mark indicates that that is a direct privilege.

Now, go to your corresponding Google Group to review the changes there. Remember changes take 15 minutes to sync from CalGroups to Google Groups.