User Guide FAQ

User Guide FAQs

Q: I never received an invitation email!

A: Contact your sponsor to determine whether the invitation was sent, and what email address it was sent to. 

Q: I clicked the link to log in with Google and accept my guest invitation, but there's no Google login button.

A: Check that your browser doesn't have pop-up blockers or plugins that prevents the button from displaying. If you still have trouble, copy the invitation link and paste it into a different web browser.

Q: How do I get a sponsored guest account?

A: You must be sponsored by a campus employee. If you are collaborating on a project, contact your campus partner for assistance. If you are auditing a class, contact the professor for help.

Q: Can CalNet sponsor a guest account for me?

A: No. CalNet employees are not allowed to create guest accounts for community members that they are not collaborating on a project with.

Q: What if I don't know my password?

A:  If you are using your Google Login, please review Google support documentation for assistance. If you are using Other Login, see the User Guide for instructions. 

Q: I got an error when I tried to log in to a campus application: This app is not authorized to use CAS

A: If you have just activated your sponsored guest account, wait a few minutes and try again. If you have already activated your sponsored guest account and have successfully logged in to other applications, contact the service provider for the application you are trying to log in to.

Q: I do not see the Sponsored Guest Sign In link.

A: Only applications that allow access to sponsored guests will display the Sign In link. If you do not see the link, contact your sponsor to verify what you are supposed to log in to. If your sponsor believes you should be able to log in to an app that does not currently allow guests, they will need to contact the application owner for assistance.

Q: Where do I log in? 

A: Please contact your sponsor for information about which campus application you should be logging in to. Remember, you can only sign in to applications that have the "Sponsored Guest Sign In" option. If you are trying to log in to bCourses, click here

Q: How does a guest access campus wifi?

A: For information on accessing wifi services please see:

Q: My guest account expired - what do I do?

A: Luckily, guest accounts can easily be extended/reinstated by the Sponsor. Please ask your Sponsor to extend your guest account. We have a guide on how to do this below: If for some reason you cannot reach your sponsor, you can reach out to another UC Berkeley employee and have them to sponsor you. 

Have questions? Email for assistance.