People OU - Affiliates

Affiliates are individuals who require authorization to use selected campus services, but do not meet either of the Student or Employee criteria (e.g., Visiting Scholars). Affiliates are entered into UCPath, including Post Docs and Emeriti.

How to Add an Affiliate

UCPath is the authoritative source of all affiliate data in LDAP. The campus Directory pulls data from UCPath nightly. See Requesting Affiliate IDs from CSS.

Account Creation - When do records enter LDAP?

Affiliates are added to the Directory the day after they are entered into UCPath.

Expiration - When do active affiliate records expire?

An affiliate's LDAP record expires the day that the job record is terminated in UCPath. Most affiliates have a grace period. Please visit Grace Periods for information on how long records remain in OU=People after a record is expired.

Affiliate affiliations - How to determine if someone is a staff member?

  • Please see the People OU Affiliations page for information on how to use LDAP affiliations to determine if someone is an affiliate.
  • The Affiliate Criteria page also has information on verifying employee status in the Directory.

Public and Private Attributes

The CalNet team sets LDAP attributes as public or private in accordance with applicable requirements, such as the Federal Education and Privacy Rights Act (FERPA). Please visit the People Attribute Schema page for a table listing LDAP attributes, the data owner, and whether a particular attribute is public or private.

Sample LDAP Entries for Affiliates

Many UC Berkeley affiliates have additional affiliations with the campus, such as student or alumni affiliations. Please see the LDAP People Entry Structure page for samples of a person entry with multiple affiliations.