People OU - Students

Please note that LDAP structure is changing on October 4, 2016. See LDAP Simplification and Standardization for more information.


The campus Directory contains records for all graduate, undergraduate, and concurrent enrollment students. The Office of the Registrar is the authoritative source for all undergraduate and graduate student data. University Extension is the proprietor of concurrent enrollment data.

Authoritative Data for Students

The Registrar is the data proprietor for all data LDAP. The campus Directory pulls data from the Registrar daily throughout the year and hourly during Spring admittance.

Types of Students

The CalNet Directory currently supports the following student "roles":

  • Admitted but not Registered for classes (note that Concurrent Enrollment Students always have this role)
  • Continuing Student
  • Graduate
  • Limited
  • New Student
  • Re-admitted Student
  • Undergraduate
  • Visitor

Account creation - When do records enter LDAP?

CalNet pulls data for graduate and undergraduate students into LDAP when students are admitted and before they have returned their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). These records are held in a "pre-SIR" container in LDAP until students have returned the SIR. For more information, please visit the PreSIR OU page.

Students' digital identity (CalNet ID and passphrase) are added to CalNet (AD) as soon as they are admitted. This gives them access to sites necessary to complete the initial registration processes. In order to register for classes, create an email account, apply for orientation and housing, etc., students must also be added to the Directory.

  • Fall undergraduate admits are added to the Directory within one hour after the student has submitted the SIR and has paid the initial fees.
  • Fall Program for Freshman students are added in April.
  • Spring undergraduate admits are added in September or October with the same conditions.
  • Graduate students are added in May.
  • Summer students are added in May, once they have been admitted to Summer school.

Expiration - When do active student records expire?

The Office of the Registrar is the proprietor for all student data and sets the expiration policy for student records. Student records remain active until approximately mid-way through the semester following graduation when the Registrar notes that the student has not paid registration fees. At this point, typically September or October for May graduates, the Registrar terminates the student record and the student's LDAP entry is marked expired.

Grace periods - How long do records remain active after expiration?

Please visit the Grace Periods page for information on how long records remain in ou=people after a record is expired.

Student Affiliations - How to Determine if Someone is a Student

Please see the People OU Affiliations page for information on how to use LDAP affiliations to determine if someone is a student.

Public and Private Attributes

The CalNet team sets LDAP attributes as public or private in accordance with applicable requirements, such as the Federal Education and Privacy Rights Act (FERPA). Please visit the People Attribute Schema page for a table listing LDAP attributes, the data owner, and whether a particular attribute is public or private.

Sample LDAP Entries for Student Data

Many UC Berkeley students have additional affiliations with the campus, such as a staff or alumni affiliation. Please see the LDAP People Entry Structure page for samples of a person entry with multiple affiliations.